The Aqua Vista Resort Hotel: Dive Into a Luxurious Experience

We invite you for a luxurious experience at Aqua Vista Resort Hotel. In our hotel and rooms, you will get everything that you want; unmatched service, modern amenities, unparalleled comfort, luxury, elegance, and, most importantly, a breathtaking view.

We ensure your getaway or business trip is transformed into a memorable experience in the lap of nature and luxury. It is the unique features and facilities offered by us that make Aqua Vista Resort Hotel a class apart and one of the best hotels in Virginia Beach.

Dive into a Luxurious Experience

We will make your stay better by providing you with an immersive ambiance. In our hotel, we follow a specific theme – aqua. When you step into our hotel, you will feel the difference in the ambiance where everything reflects the serenity and appeal of the ocean waves.

Elements in our hotel that will surely attract you and make you come back for more include:

  • The exceptionally captivating décor is inspired and based on ocean and marine elements. This makes the atmosphere more inviting and serene to set the stage for your retreat uniquely and memorably.
  • The luxurious rooms provide an exotic view and are designed carefully to optimize the view and establish a distinct connection with the beautiful aquatic surroundings and you, right from the room.

We ensure your stay in one of the best oceanfront hotels in Virginia Beach is nothing short of a pleasurable retreat, made further immersive by the panoramic view of the tranquil waters or the gleaming city lights.

Recreation and Wellness

Our care and concern for you is not limited to providing the best accommodation at the best Virginia Beach oceanfront hotels with balcony only. We also are concerned for your health and will keep you entertained during your stay.

We offer a wide range of recreational facilities including a pool for a serene dip into luxury. Enjoy your swim or simply relax by our poolside for a feeling that excels ordinary.

Stay fit, and do not miss your daily fitness regime at our well-equipped, sophisticated fitness studio. We also have a spa to take your well-being to the next higher level through our rejuvenating treatments.

In short, in Aqua Vista Resort Hotel you will have your body and soul refreshed. Also, enjoy the finest dining experience with the cool sea breeze enhancing the ambiance while we pamper you with some of the finest ocean-inspired cuisines.