Enjoy the Serenity of the Oasis by the Seaside

Are you looking for an oasis on the shore by the seaside? Welcome to Aqua Vista Resort Hotel!

We promise a memorable experience during your stay at our hotel where the blue waters meet the sun-kissed golden sands. Enjoy the transformation of scenes on the vast ocean-canvas every sunrise to sunset.

You will hardly find better hotels near Virginia Aquarium that offer you such an exquisite view of a natural masterpiece. You will feel like you are in a coastal haven at our unique oasis by the seaside.

Elegance and Bliss

One of the cheap hotels VA beach boardwalk, we offer unparalleled service and facilities to make you feel like a royal guest. Elegance is the buzzword and we ensure luxury meets seamlessly with nature to offer a heavenly bliss.

We believe that Aqua Vista Resort Hotel is not just a beach hotel. It is your home filled with luxury and coastal charm creating a perfect harmony. The aqua-based accents of the rooms will offer the best of seaside living. The beautiful décor with driftwood accents in every nook and cranny will reflect the calmness of an oasis by the shore.

Spend some quality time on the beach or the balcony, staring at the sea and enjoying the cool breeze. Unwind and relax while viewing the natural panorama and the rhythm of the waves from your private space on the unspoiled shoreline.

Aqua Vista Resort Hotel offers private beachfront access. Feel the pleasure of stepping onto the soft sand and having direct access to the beach, the ultimate in beachfront ecstasy.

Relax alone or with your family and friends at our beachside lounging areas sipping refreshing cocktails while lying lazily on the soft, comfortable chairs and watching the waves come and go.

Culinary Extravaganza

Enjoy the culinary extravaganza that sets us apart from the other Virginia Beach hotels on the Boardwalk. The flavors are exquisite and the pleasure is enhanced further by the beautiful ocean view.

We believe that you must have the best experience of fine dining as our royal guest. We offer a large and delectable menu full of coastal flavor. Enjoy the sun going down the horizon while enjoying your favorite meal.

Enjoy the soothing ambiance of our spa helping you in your wellness journey or do your yoga sessions on the sand, at Aqua Vista Resort Hotel, you will find everything that will rejuvenate you.